Vocal Technique

Often important episodes, they delineate our choices.

In August 2008, I was in Ukiah, California. We had performed the night before, and the evening had been enjoyable.

That day while Franco was teaching guitar to a group of students, a woman whom I had noticed because she was holding aside. While there was a break from the lesson, she walked up to me and asked, “Would you give me a singing lesson?”

At that time, I didn’t plan to teach at all. Instead, I was very busy learning as much as I could the vocal technique. Therefore, his request came to me unexpectedly and, I should say, prematurely.

So, I just told her a trite:“Sorry, but I can’t” (Scusami, non me la sento).

Her reaction struck me very much. She wept before me.

Of course, it was too late to remedy this.

Today I know that I owe a lot to this person.

Her reaction shone a light on me.

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